Modern Slavery Statistics in the XXI century


Understanding the numbers of modern slavery in the world allows us to better serve the victims, create better policies and follow up on the programs implemented.   In 2016, there were roughly 40.3 million victims of modern slavery around the world. This is equal to 5.4 victims every 1,000 people, of which 1 in 4 are children. Although the figures are alarming, this phenomenon of human rights violation remains largely unknown. Based on the classification and information of The Global Slavery Index 2018 and the International Labour Organization (ILO), below we present some of the statistics of modern slavery across the [...]

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¿Qué es una aceleradora de empresas?


Las aceleradoras de empresas seleccionan startups prometedoras y les ofrecen un programa de aceleración que les permite conseguir en meses lo que les habría tomado años hacer por sí mismas. El panorama tecnológico actual es perfecto para el surgimiento de nuevas ideas de negocio. La globalización, la profundización de los espacios digitales y el continuo desarrollo de Tecnologías de la Información han formado un ambiente sólido para el emprendimiento. Hoy, los proyectos e ideas nuevas encuentran grandes cantidades de herramientas y medios para atravesar las primaras fases de su desarrollo y encontrar su lugar dentro del mercado. En este contexto interconectado [...]

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What is an accelerator?


Accelerators select promising startups with an MVP and offer specific programming that allows startups to achieve in months what would have otherwise taken them years. Today's technology landscape is perfect for the emergence of new business ideas. Globalization, the deepening of the digital world and disruptive technologies provide solid ground to foster entrepreneurship. Today, new projects and ideas have access to a wide range of tools and platforms to help them go through the early stages of their project and find their place in the market. In this interconnected context, both incubators and accelerators form part of the toolkit available for [...]

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Slavery still exist: what is modern slavery and its common modalities


What is modern slavery? It is estimated that there are approximately 40.3 million people in slavery today, 71% of whom are women and girls and 10 million are children. The numbers, despite being shocking, are still little known and, in many cases, totally ignored. Unfortunately, the estimations now known about modern slavery and forced labor are more than 3 years old. Without more recent data, it is estimated that the number of people in slavery must have continued increasing, specially during the pandemic and the confinements enacted around the world. In 2018 the organisation The Walk Free Foundation released a report [...]

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