WalK Free

Katharine Bryant

Empowerment Collective

Nasreen Sheikh

Natura & Co

Oscar Muzilli


Claire Bright

Global Fishing Watch

Rocío Joo

Parley For The Oceans

Cyrill Gutsch

Siddharth Kartha

Siddharth Kartha

Fair Cobalt Alliance

David Sturmes

Fair Cobalt Alliance

Assheton Carter

Slave-Free Alliance

Rachel Hartley


Ricardo Lima

Head of Startups Web Summit

Francisa Sassetti

Business and Human Rights Lead C-More

VdA Vieira De Almeida
Bashara Hinnawi

Founder Prep For Growth

Leanne Rhodes

CEO Abolishion & Exec Director European Freedom Network

Gianluca Pereyra

Co-Founder at

Vincente Muñoz

Global Incubation Lead F10

Carolina Almeida

Entrepreneur C-More

Parley For The Oceans

Fernanda Todeschini

Sustainability Consultant

Miriam Davidovic

Co-Founder at Raz Finance

Alexander Griekspoor

Founder & co-owner Agenda

Antoine Heuty

CEO Ulula

Claudia Pedra

Managing Partner Stone Soup Consulting

Henk Palte

Director Of Operations Manumit87

Rossana Palacios

Partner DIS Capital

Aditi Chatterjee

Senior Engagement Manager, MEL

Camila Gómez Wills

Senior Sustainability Manager Corporate Citizenship

Daniel Heuser Prestes

Experience Strategy Lead, Accenture Interactive

Marek Mirecki

Director, Kroll

Anaïs Bouzidi

Marketing Manager, Impact Shakers

Aziz Ahammout

Operational Director, Human Resources Without Borders

Laura Gauer Bermudez, Phd

Director of Evidence and Learning, Global Fund To End Modern Slavery

Jeff Bond

Director Of Strategy & Design, Global Fund To End Modern Slavery

Helen Taylor

Director of Grant Programs, Global Fund To End Modern Slavery

Jerrol Marten

Partner, Sustainable Rescue Foundation

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